The Story behind the Tuli name

The Story behind the Tuli name

"As a young boy, I remember sitting with my Bolivian grandmother as she taught me Spanish. We would learn new words as we ate and laughed together. Although I struggled with many words, one word in particular always eluded me. The Spanish word 'etui' was challenging as I would always pronounce it 'Tuli'. As I got older, this word was burned into my memory and the thought of it brought back memories of laughter, love, and community." - Founder & CEO David Wilmot

Our co-founder, Meysam, has traveled the world, visiting over 100 countries, with one experience standing out. Meysam found himself eating at a local restaurant in Costa Rica called Tuli. The feeling of community, family, and human connection was inspiring. This feeling of bringing people together, in an inclusive community, drove us to found Tuli. 

Once they both told each other their random "Tuli" stories, the name was born, together with its values and mission.

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