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Adapting to a New Normal

The world is changing and your customers expect convenient online order, pickup, and delivery options more than ever. Data shows customers are looking for a way to order that incorporates community, human connection, and local community support. The global Covid-19 pandemic has only magnified this demand. 

At Tuli, we're rethinking eCommerce ordering by offering the first social shopping platform built for retail, online businesses, and restaurants. Our industry leading 10% commission, including all credit card fees, is setting a new standard so you can keep more of your profits while connecting directly with your customers.

It's time for change. It's time for Tuli. 

Make Money Off Your

Good Taste

Of course Tuli is the first native social shopping app for businesses & restaurants but we're much more than that. We built Tuli for everyone allowing customers & influencers to make 2% back on every product recommendation sale.

The Future is Social Shopping

Tuli social community allows businesses, restaurants, & customers to engage directly through social posts. Tag menu items & products inside shoppable posts to drive sales and engage customers in a new way. This allows your biggest fans to market for you. A community focused, targeted shopping experience that elevates engagement and gives you insight into important shopping behaviors. 

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Choose Between Pick-up & Delivery

Tuli makes offering pickup and delivery seamless for restaurants or businesses. Our platform offers a native social shopping experience for users and processes payments securely with Stripe inside our platform. Orders are sent directly, and in-real-time, to your business to fulfill. You have full flexibility and can turn online ordering on or off with the click of a button.



The Tuli admin dashboard provides restaurants & businesses with powerful order management & reporting tools. Receive real-time social orders, review KPI's, see product trends, and make real-time menu & product updates. In addition, our API integrations with restaurant POS partners allows us to push orders directly to you. Tuli Order Management Tablets are also available at no cost. 

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