Tuli was created out of a deep passion for helping retail, eCommerce, and restaurants thrive. Our team brings extensive backgrounds in retail, digital, food & beverage and technology industries including Starbucks, Pressed Juicery, Google, Mastercard, Apple, and Yum Brands. We're obsessed with rethinking online social ordering and doing it in a way that elevates our partners

It's time for a new standard. It's time for Tuli.


As a young boy, I remember sitting with my Bolivian grandmother as she taught me Spanish. We would learn new words as we ate and laughed together. Although I struggled with many words, one word in particular always eluded me. The Spanish word "etui" was challenging as I would always pronounce it "Tuli". As I got older, this word was burned into my memory and the thought of it brought back memories of laughter, love, and community. 

Our co-founder, Meysam, has traveled the world, visiting over 100 countries, with one experience standing out. Meysam found himself eating at a local restaurant in Costa Rica called Tuli. The feeling of community, family, and human connection was inspiring. This feeling of bringing people together, in an inclusive community, drove us to found Tuli. 

When we reflect on life, building these types of connections with the ones you love is where true joy comes from.  We've been so inspired by the people we've worked with, friendships we've built, and are passionate about helping businesses reach their fullest potential. This journey has inspired our team to build the social shopping platform that will transform the way we shop. 


When we founded Tuli, we set out to solve a massive problem with eCommerce. We're obsessed with bringing community, human connection, and fun to the digital world. A curated inclusive community filled with friends, influencers, and celebrities that inspire us. 

Ordering on Tuli isn't just about a transaction, it's about community. It's about building your own local following, following inspiring people, ordering products & food straight from a friends post, and knowing you're supporting your favorite companies & brands. Where we decide to spend our money matters and is a reflection of our convictions. We're not focused on titles or red-tape. We're focused on solving real industry problems so our partners can reach their fullest potential. 


As we build Tuli, we're obsessed with rethinking the status quo and listening to our amazing partners. We're committed to creating the greatest social ordering experience for merchants and customers. We couldn't be more excited to welcome you to our Tuli family!

David Wilmot

Tuli Founder & CEO

Proven | Experienced | Relentless | Mission Driven

Our team brings a unique combination of technology, digital, operations, logistics, and marketing experience at Fortune 500 & startups.


131 Avenida Del Mar 

San Clemente, CA 92672

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